Ox Pull

Ox Pulling Contest

Sunday 9am

Dept. 86 – Class 863
Superintendent: Lew Clark

Phone: (860) 567-8522

Teams to be weighed on the grounds beginning at 8am
No teams to be taken off the grounds after weighing
All classes are 6′ pulls

Lot 1 (2100-2400):  1st – $125, 2nd – $100, 3rd – $90, 4th – $80, 5th – $70, 6th – $60
Lot 2 (2401-2800):  SAME
Lot 3 (2801-3200): SAME
Lot 4 (Over 3200): SAME

Pull will run by Connecticut Ox Drivers and Owners Association rules with the following additions:
No plastic goad sticks or face whipping.
No contestant will be allowed in the pit until the boat is back to its starting position and pinned.
Teams in the top four positions must pull until a winner is determined. Owners with more than one team would not have to pull against themselves.

The judge and superintendent have the right to immediately remove anyone for violating the rules.

The Lester B. Williams Trophy
The Lester B. Williams Trophy will be presented to the winner of the Free for All Class (over 3200 lbs.). The trophy is to honor “Lester” who served as Superintendent of the pulling contest at the Brooklyn Fair for over 60 years.

The David B. Lewis Memorial Trophy
The David B. Lewis Memorial Trophy is presented to the winner of the 2800 class. The trophy is given to honor David B. Lewis, whose family have been long-time participants of this event at Brooklyn Fair.

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